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Being Organized Is Not Really That Painful – To-Do Lists & Beyond 

 Most people hate being organized but yet some people love making lists for things that have to be done.  Still others for whom the very idea of creating a to-do list is, you pick the adjective that fits. The fact is that there are many benefits of making, at least, some to-do lists. In essence, a to-do list is a list that lists all the things that you have to accomplish within time frame or rather deadline, not often referred to as a “hard stop.”  These action oriented time-dependent items can be easily ticked off the list when they are completed which ensures that you don’t forget to get something done and hopefully get it done.

A completed to-do list will give you the satisfaction of being on the top of your game and you will only feel more in control of your life. There are many other benefits of to-do lists.

 Benefits of Writing it Down

These to-do lists allow you to concentrate your focus on a task that is both important and urgent. This way you and possibly others to prioritize everything that you or they need to accomplish and work the way through the list in a given time frame. Putting things down in writing helps people to prioritize as well as think clearly knowing that there is no aspect of planning that you have missed. This also helps you and your teammates or colleagues focus on a particular task that is high on your priority to-do list. When you already know what you have to accomplish on a given day or even week, it becomes easy to manage the time to actually get the task done.

Another benefit of writing down ideas to comprise a to-do list is that it frees your mind. It is very similar to a movie that impressed audiences in the summer of 2011 called X-Men: First Class. There is a scene in that movie when the character Erik Lehnsherr is talking to Raven or Mystique about the fact that she could reach her full capabilities if she stopped concentrating on being normal. He told her natural self was blue skin and she should accept that and not worry about blending in all of the time. By trying to blend in, she was wasting concentration power and by looking like a normal human was forcing her brain to utilize a section of it that could be devoted to harnessing her full strength and mental capacity.

Making a to-do-list also falls under the same concept.  It frees your mind. When you have the notion in your head in regards to a task that needs to be completed, just write it down. Compile a list or put in a calendar like iSportcal, CrossPinPoints or iREcal. Then you do not have to continue to remind yourself about it or think about it as the day or days go on. In addition, writing something down reinforces that idea into your mind anyway.

 Finding Like Tasks

There may be come tasks that have certain similarities. For example, you may need to speak with one person to get two kinds of information or two stores that you need to visit for specific items but that are in close proximity to each other. You will be able to work out a better routine once you can see the likenesses between the tasks.

Be Calmer

In case you are still not convinced, to-do lists are known to decrease stress and anxiety. Writing it all down gives you a clear plan of how to make it happen which in turn, removes the ambiguity out of the situation. Not only are to-do lists a great boon to effective time management, they also help you with energy management. You can pace yourself through the day, depending on what needs to be accomplished so that you do not end up too tired at the end of the day or week. This sort of touches on what was mentioned before about allowing your mind to concentrate on the task at hand rather than focusing on something that needs to be completed at some point in the near future.

Using Technology

Creating to-do lists is one of the top principles and tips of functioning time management. You will be able to assign a set number of hours or even minutes in a day to obtain the biggest as well as the minutest things that should be tackled. Many people become bogged down by the whole paper-pen aspect of creating lists. With advances in technology, this is no longer the case. You can easily use our a multimedia todo list, calendar/planner like iFlipTips, and/or your smartphone to create effective & poignant to-do lists that you can update and change while on the run and have you complete a task. After all, there is not any reason to keep a task around if you have already managed to complete it. So make that to-list or even better put it in a calendar and stop procrastinating.


High-Tech Devices That Will Turn Your Meetings Into a Raging Success

Forget boring slide shows. Today’s technology makes it possible to turn any meeting into a show right out of a science fiction movie.

CloudFTP is the first adapter available that allows you to access USB hard drives or flash drives directly from an iPad. Before CloudFTP, any files or presentations you had stored in a USB mass storage device could only be accessed through a computer. That meant a lot of hassle and quite a few headaches making connections between your iPad and a computer. No computer available? Well, you were out of luck. The CloudFTP is an adapter that reads any USB storage device and then makes those files available to any WiFi-enabled device in the vicinity. That means your iPad will be able to read those files and use them as needed. This is currently the ONLY way available to access large files that you couldn’t otherwise access from your iPad.

v-OSKis a touch-screen presentation tool. It consists of a large-size iPad-like screen that connects to a projection screen or video wall. Whatever you do or touch on the small screen shows up on the large screen. Think of v-OSK as the high-tech alternative to an overhead transparency projector, except that you can also make screen changes, add last-minute text or choose only parts of the screen to show to the audience. The v-OSK can optimize web content, flow charts and even 3D graphics for more eye-catching presentations.

Holographic Projectors are a great way to catch the eye of prospective clients or exhibit attendees. Holograms work particularly well on trade show exhibits and on open trade show booths, where you depend on attention-grabbing gimmicks to attract attention. Musion Eyelineris a company that specializes in high-quality projectors that can produce life-size three-dimensional images. In the past, holograms could only be seen from the front or back but now they are truly three-dimensional –This means somebody can move around them and never lose sight of the display. This is especially useful for sports/fitness presentations, which require a dynamic approach.

Presentation Link is an iPad app that allows you to create and combine interactive presentations. With this app, you can import existing presentations and integrate them into a single presentation experience. The app can handle PDFs, photos and charts, videos and hyperlinks to help you create non-linear presentations. You can drag and drop files to organize the information any way you want. You can then connect your iPad to an external projector or wall screen during company presentations, conferences, lectures and trade shows. The app also has a feature that allows to connect directly with iTunes shared folder, so you can share or send the presentation to others in just seconds.

Hyperjuice Micro is the ultimate iPad accessory. This pocket-size external battery can provide up to five additional hours of power, no matter where you are. Create by the Sanho Corporation (which also sells the HyperShield and the 3-in-1 Smart Pen), Hyperjuice Micro allows for pass-through charging and has a built in overcharging/temperature protection. A great tool to have if your presentation is long and you want to make sure you have enough “juice” to power through it.

You can also use the SlideShow feature in iFliptips