Using Apps to Raise Money for Political or Social Campaigns

emoticonsCampaign dollars don’t come cheap, nor are they always easy to get. Whether funds need to be raised for a person who’s a grassroots politician or one who’s well-established, or for a social organization looking to further its cause, creativity and persistence are necessary to bring money in. Although traditional fundraising dinners, benefits and auctions are still effective, technology also plays a role in today’s fundraising efforts. The use of smartphone and iPad apps is a great way to reach an audience whose attention you might never get with traditional fundraising methods. These apps can help with the important task of raising money to support a politician’s campaign or help further the agenda of your favorite social organization.

  • Rootsquare. Local and state politicians are enjoying fundraising success with the use of Rootsquare. This app feeds information into Facebook, where everyone can see a person’s support of or interest in a particular campaign. According to the Washington Post, former Virginia governor Tim Kaine has used Rootsquare to promote fun money-raising tactics, such as a contest to win dinner and a harmonica lesson from the politician. Not only was the campaign advertised on Facebook, but the Rootsquare app furthers awareness by noting support and contribution with information such as, “Fred made a donation to Tim Kaine’s ‘Harmonica with Tim’ Campaign”.
  • PayPal Fundraising. PayPal has been making payments easy for years, and now they extend the convenience to fundraising. The addition of PayPal as an accepted donation payment method on your campaign website also allows donors to provide their support via mobile devices. According to the PayPal Online Fundraising page, 28 percent of voters used mobile apps to follow and support political activity during the 2010 mid-term elections. By making this app available to your supporters, they can keep up with the latest news, communicate it to others and offer financial support. In the process, you gain followers and donations in the moment people are ready to give, rather than losing them when the excitement of a rally dies down. It’s also possible to raise money using FundRazr, a social fundraising platform that has partnered with PayPal to make online donations safer and easier. and
  • Timeline Apps. If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, you can see when your Facebook friends are using apps such as Spotify, Pinterest or NetFlix. When activity begins with a new site or campaign, it’s noted on your Facebook page. Friends can see your activity with images and updates that state “Anne likes ‘Hats for Cancer’ and their new campaign”. Many social media apps and websites feed into Facebook and it’s no wonder why; with nearly 850 million users, the social networking site harnesses a great deal of exposure for any person or organization that’s campaigning.
  • Zuri’s GoMobile.  The Zuri Group, a media technology company, offers GoMobile—a campaign fundraising app that offers a variety of options to users on both ends. GoMobile allows you and your supporters to connect via Twitter, email, text, Facebook and iPhone’s FaceTime. Gather donor information and collect donations easily with this app.