Selling via Facebook and Pinterest Pros and Cons

Social media venues have become an important part of business growth. The ability to communicate with potential clients and customers worldwide has brought great success to small, local businesses who would have never reached people beyond their city limits without venues such as Facebook or Pinterest. In addition to serving as an important part of an entrepreneur’s or small business’s marketing campaign, social media venues can also help boost sales.
Facebook-logoFacebook is popular with many small businesses due to the exposure it can bring and Pinterest is currently the hottest social media venue out there.  Knowing how and when to use each of these venues effectively can help you increase sales, as well as your customer base. But knowing which venue to use for what type of selling is an important part of the equation and it helps you avoid wasting time and effort. Read on to gain important information about each.

  • Selling on Facebook. While Facebook allows the user to post both images and words, it still remains one of the primary places to tell people about what you’re selling. In the case of Facebook, a picture doesn’t speak a thousand words, it only tells part of the story. To really take advantage of the sales opportunities on Facebook you must combine your images with carefully crafted words. When words and images are used together on Facebook you can write as much as you want, although it’s in your best interest to not get too wordy and risk losing a customer’s attention.

The best things to sell on Facebook are your services. Are you a coach? Does your business offer landscaping services? Are you a freelance writer? Use Facebook to briefly describe your services and add an attention-getting image, if you like. Link your business blog or website to your Facebook post to draw potential customers directly to you.

  • Selling on Pinterest. As the newest of social media venues, Pinterest is primarily an image-based social media venue. Users “pin” images to different pin boards with standard categories, such as Favorite Places and Spaces, or to the pin boards they’ve created. When pins are created, the user can add a comment or explanation about it. Although the explanation can be long, not many Pinterest users are there to read…they’re there to look at the pinned images.

pinterest-logoTherefore, Pinterest is an effective place to sell items. Do you want to increase the sales of season-specific sports equipment? You can create a pin board titled “Baseball Season” and, each day, highlight a specific piece of equipment with a brief description, price and link back to your website. Tailor your use of Pinterest to fit your business’s specific sales needs.
A combination of Facebook and Pinterest gives you double exposure and allows you to connect with customers and clients regarding different facets of your business. Use these two social media venues to their full advantage by remembering which one is word-focused, which one is image-focused and tailoring your sales campaign appropriately. By linking both back to your business website you can add to the effectiveness of both of these social media venues and see an increase in your sales.

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