Twitter Tooting Your Own Horn


twitter-2bThere are more than 650 million Twitters users and more than 135,000 new users every day.  Twitter has become the new major source of news, events, buzz, PR and links to all your corporate thought leadership.  With global political, business and other leaders and entertainers posting on Twitter, it is the fastest way to “get the word out” and increasingly the most effective way of reminding people of and CTA-call to actions for specials, promotions and offers.  In addition, photos and videos can be added which increase “stickiness” to your posts.  In addition, Twitter is absolutely required for customer and product support engaging with upset customers and turn “lemons into lemonade” demonstrating you really care.

1 – You can never have enough followers and you can never respond fast enough when people complain about anything you do.  The hashtag #fail is used by anyone to complain as Twitter is the new means of providing great customer services.  Twitter is also the new newservice for all kinds of corporate communications.

2 – You are measured by your customers, competitors, stakeholders and industry on the number of followers you have.

3 – Search engines search Twitter which improves you page ranking.  There is much debate about how Google, Bing and search works with Twitter, however, Twitter posts can easily be used to send followers to your blog, news, customer case studies, white papers and other thought leadership on your website or other places.

4 – Gaining followers is more difficult as viewers don’t always follow back.

5 – Twitter is not just “do it once and you’re done” it is a river stream that follows 7×24 which means followers may not see your posts.   Like car insurance ads on TV run over and over again a thousand times, the same can be done about Twitter posts because there are also new users joining Twitter every day (~135,000).  Click here for a short article on using Twitter for self-promotion and not “winging it” and best practices as well as issues regarding SEC, FINRA and other compliance requirements.

6 – Twitter is about “keeping you top of mind to keep you first in line in customer awareness.”  Since you do not often know when a customer is ready to buy, then posting on Twitter keeps them informed of what you are doing and keeps you on their mind when they are ready to buy.

girls-on-tablet7 – Twitter helps you gain brand, thought leadership and industry presence.

8 – Increasingly customers go to Twitter posts before going to website.  Since Twitter contains new content customers increasingly look at what you are “tooting” about as they look at what you are all about.

9 – Twitter turns viewers into customers and 50% of users read/post via mobile:

According to the survey, SMBs that have followers on Twitter enjoyed sales increases and endorsements. In particular, 72 percent of people are more likely to buy from an SMB in the future if they have followed or interacted with the business through Twitter.

Furthermore, 82 percent of respondents are more likely to recommend an SMB if they have followed the firm’s Twitter account. In addition, 86 percent said they are more likely to go to an SMB if it is recommended by a friend through the social networking site. Click here for survey.

10 – Posting is also more complicated – Here are 10 surprising new Twitter stats to help you reach more followers and see other post in thei blog for an article on using #hashtags and Golden Rule for better tooting.

In addition, click here for another article on new stats for Twitter.

Bottom-line – Twitter is the fastest, best way to post promotions, press, products, specials, buzz, events, reports, support issues and more as well as provide “best in class” customer service.

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